A & T Europe Spa (Myrtha Tech Pools)

Myrtha Technology is simply the most exclusive and advanced technology in the swimming pool industry. Its patented pre-engineered modular laminated steel panels and buttress system enables Myrtha pools to obtain perfect waterproofing with minimal risk of corrosion.
Myrtha Technology is the perfect solution for all installations (hotel, camping, fitness clubs, competition pools and more.) Myrtha Pools’ over 50 years experience is proven by the installation of 1,500 pools per year. With 300 pools installed annually for public and 50 installations for international swimming events, Myrtha pools have references in over 60 countries worldwide.

Myrtha Tech Swimming Pools

A Myrtha pool can be built in a very short time due to the pre-engineered design. The components are manufactured according ISO 9001 standards by automated machines and shipped directly to the building site.

Unlike traditional constructions, Myrtha pools do not require a significant maintenance schedule. It is built to last and not subject to dimensional variations. Swimming pools built using Myrtha Technology have virtually an unlimited life span due to the inherent structural integrity and the proven characteristics of the materials employed.
Vast International Company Limited is inspired by the global recognition of Myrtha Pools as leaders in the swimming pool industry because of our vision and passion for excellence.

Our partnership with Myrtha Pools has put us on marble as one of the best in innovative and quality sports equipments and facilities in Africa. We boast of reference projects in Africa, including the first Federation of International Swimming Association (FINA) Spec 50m x 26m Olympic standard competition swimming pool at the U.J. Esuene Stadium, Calabar, Nigeria.


Kanstet Ltd

Kanstet Ltd was established in 1992 by Estonian athletes, members of National Olympic Team. From the beginning the company was focused on field related sport, especially Track & Field.

We build and provide services in the construction of:

-         Outdoor and Indoor Athletic Tracks

-         Soccer fields with artificial and natural turf surface

-         Tennis courts and multipurpose playgrounds

We’ve successfully completed a great number of installations in different countries around the globe. We have our footprints in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Kanstet Ltd is proud being designer, manufacturer and supplier of portable athletics surface arena for 11th IAAF World Indoor Championship in Moscow, Russia in 2006.

Having valuable experience and using the best materials and most sophisticated measuring equipment as Robotic Total Station, we ensure future Running Track conformity to IAAF Requirements.

As the final result of track surface installation is critically depending of sub base quality, we offer our customers hi-tech supervision and long lasting- higher quality work.

Vast International Company Limited has established itself as a foremost sports facility construction in Africa with solid footprints in the Track and Field surfaces installation. Partnership with Kanstet Ltd has been invaluable in our delivery of landmark Track and Field surfaces reference projects African.

Kanstet Ltd offers customers a full range of services for construction of sports facilities

-         Professional line marking, IAAF Survey Report (references)

-         Topographic survey and stake out

-         Supervision of all civil work stages (earth works, stone base,

          asphalt or concrete paving)

-         Installation of any of synthetic Track surface

-         Installation of artificial turf and infill

-         Athletic track layout and detailed drawings

-         Design and manufacturing of Athletic portable Track

Synthetic Surface